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When you host what is arguably the most famous tennis tournament in the world – Wimbledon – it would be tempting to rest on your sporting laurels and let things tick along as they always have done.

Not only is it the longest-established of the four Grand Slam tournaments, but the Championships also enjoy sell out crowds and hospitality every year. The two-week long event is broadcast to millions of fans, and made an operating profit of £42m last year.

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So, things certainly look rosy in the green SW19 garden, with further healthy signs being a 12% increase in the prize money pot this year to £31.6m. But income from broadcasters represents more than half of the event’s turnover, and a small number of key broadcast markets, notably the UK and USA, provide the majority of that income.

With this in mind, executives from tournament operator the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), are looking at new ways to grow awareness and interest in the tournament outside their current Anglo-centric heartlands.



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